About GFS Broker Services


GFS Broker Services originated from a background and experience in patrimonial and financial planning, as well as years of experience in global qualitative selection of investment funds, as well as experience in creating open fund structures in various jurisdictions such as Cayman, Ireland, Cyprus and Luxembourg.


GFS profiles itself as a marketing platform for various investment funds with specific niche strategies, which are mostly unique in their kind.


GFS specializes in selecting funds with exceptional results and very good management.

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Founded in 2011, GFS Broker Services has continued to grow over the years, in the field of technical expertise, management and support for investment professionals.


All of this has brought us to a point where we are in our niche market, one of the references.


The company's leadership, together, represents an experience track record of over 40 years.

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Vision & Mission

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GFS Broker Services continues to expand rapidly globally, striving for real added value for investment professionals.


On the one hand, through the provision of outstanding investment funds with specific niche strategies but in plus we also help to get the funds on as many investment structures (such as life insurance companies, platforms, banks, etc.) as requested by our partners.


We also provide an investment platform that offers excellent opportunities worldwide with a very open architecture adapted to the needs of our partners and their investors.


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Our offer is focused to:
  • Reduce risk in a well spread portfolio

  • Provide funds that guarantee complete transparency

  • Ensure openness for the investment professionals

  • Discuss the best possible remuneration (this can be both commissions, marketing allowances and / or financial assistance with organizations of client seminars, ...) for our partners

  • Help with interactive discussions with our fund managers on practical and technical topics
  • Identify problems as soon as possible and propose possible solutions
  • Provide clear and user-friendly administration