GFS Broker Services specializes in offering investment funds with unique niche strategies and also investment platforms, to various professional parties, including professional insurance brokers, intermediaries in bank and investments, financial planners, financial advisors, wealth managers, asset managers, family offices, private banks and institutional investors.

GFS specializes in global selection of investment funds, with exceptional results and with very good management which, when used in client portfolios stabilizes existing clients and attract new customers to our partners.


GFS holds the finger on the wrist of the financial markets, recognizing the needs and desires of the investment professionals and trying to fill them in as well as possible.


The diversity of funds and investment platforms we offer, adds real value to investment professionals who can once again advise their clients in an open manner with the free choice.

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investment funds

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GFS Broker Services is looking for the investment funds that are closest to your needs and the needs of your clients investors.


 Investment funds that bring real added value and balance into your customers' portfolios. 


GFS thoroughly analyzes the funds, discusses the funds directly with the fund managers and makes exclusive and protective agreements with these same fund managers.

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investment platforms

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Seeking an alternative way to place and hold investments? 

With increased numbers of advisors looking for alternatives to traditional Life Company Portfolio Bonds, many are looking for alternative ways to invest offshore. 

Due to the demand we can provide access to a fully open architecture trading platform that can be arranged to hold a wide variety of assets, including Collective Investments and Offshore Funds.
With a minimal investment of $ 50,000 in, you can establish a trading account, with a range of cost efficient charging structures and commission options, we consider the platform to be the evolutionary alternative to single premium life company products.

The platform services are provided by a fully regulated Isle of Man institution, which manages over $ 4 billion of client funds. The institution also provides a range of back office administration services to principal Life Companies. 

A truly unique service that provides you with everything you need at the touch of a button. Online services that can provide advisors and their clients everything needed to manage investments.


Access to a secure portal will provide you with current information for your client trading accounts, including: Online order book (buy and sell orders), portfolio valuations, transactional data, cash balances, asset pricing, current and historical data. 


Superior Investor Protection.


Unlike a traditional Life Company, the assets and cash of all clients of the platform are never exposed to the balance sheets of any company within the Group or the Group itself.


Perhaps the most important principle of the Isle of Man Government's client money and asset regulations is that at no time can client money (or assets) be mixed with company money or assets. All client monies are held on trust in segregated accounts in a legally seperate nominee company. This company is not permitted to do anything other than simply hold cash and assets for clients. 


The platform provider uses Pershing Securities as its primary custodian and clearing agent for all listed securities. Pershing operates the same nominee structure to ensure clients assets are also fully segregated from its balance sheet. 


The strength of the investor protection is one of the reasons why the platform provider is trusted by so many major institutions including, the Isle of Man Government and the principal Isle of Man Life Companies. 


For further information and exclusive charging options, please contact us.